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Anyone with a message to tell or something to sell.

ENGAGE Your Market,

Savvy competitors are eager to make a
quantum leap in their marketing by
incorporating the latest tools in mobile
marketing: mobile keywords, text messaging,
video messaging, and picture messaging.
Your prospects are interested NOW so give
them the info NOW. More than ever, your
prospects are attached to social networks.
Don't just try to broadcast to their network;
make your marketing function as a lively PART
of their network. Lead an organization or
team? Don't just shoot an email and hope
they read it. Build AFFINITY for your
organization or team with the tools of mobile
messaging. The future is here. Thrive in it
with Marketing!

Mobile Keywords and
Short Codes

So simple to use, such powerful results. You see
keywords being promoted on TV, in newspapers, on
billboards, - on any advertising medium really. A
keyword is just a one-word phrase that you create
for your customers to text to you via your short
code. The keyword can be used to identify a
product, service, action, business, etc. You
publicize the keyword, and people can text the
keyword to your short code to receive an automated
text response giving them more information and to
opt-in to your distribution list. Your short code
comes with your Marketing
service. It is simply a five digit telephone number
assigned specifically for texting purposes. An
example of using keywords and short codes is
texting DAILY to 96362 to receive daily restaurant

Mobile Marketing is Effective

There are several reasons why mobile
marketing is much more effective when
compared to email marketing and print
marketing. The most important reason is the
astonishing fact that text messages have a
90% or higher read rate. Compare that to the
average read rate of email, which now
averages roughly 20%, and you can see that
while you can't afford to stop your email
marketing, you can't afford to NOT utilize text
message marketing!
Marketing makes it simple.